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Smales Farm Ortho and Eastridge Ortho are closed for the Xmas break from the 21st December and our normal hours resume on the 9th of January. You can still book appointments online for new patients in 2023. In the unlikely event that you have an orthodontic emergency during the Xmas period our dental clinics at Smales Farm and Eastridge are open 9am – 4pm. If you need to book an appointment you can call Smales Farm on 094109971 or Eastridge on 095212021. Have a safe holiday and see you next year.

Frequently asked questions.

What's the best age to visit the orthodontist ?

Orthodontists can identify potential problems and plan for treatment better if they spot them early. Every kid should have an orthodontic assessment between 6 and 11 while their teeth and jaws are still growing. Sometimes this means preliminary treatment to avoid orthodontic problems later, but most of the time it’s a way for the child and parents, as well as the orthodontist, to prepare for treatment if necessary. The earlier the better – we recommend a visit from the age of 6 when the first adult teeth start coming through.

Why should I consider Orthodontic treatment as an adult ?

Straighter teeth may mean healthier teeth – Properly aligned teeth facilitate flossing and brushing, which can help prevent other health issues in the future.

>An attractive, straight smile can boost your self-confidence – With orthodontic treatment, you will enjoy a higher quality of life and will be able to smile without feeling self-conscious.

A well-fitting bite makes teeth last longer– When teeth fit together properly, they wear and tear less. Additionally, a good bite can reduce the likelihood of migraine headaches, joint pain, and jaw pain.

Crooked teeth left untreated can get worse – Delaying orthodontic treatment can lead to additional issues such as increased gum recession or bone loss.

My son/daughter sees the Orthodontist quite regularly, is a dental examination necessary ?

Absolutely. The two disciplines are quite different. We have a paediatric dentist who is trained to deal with any dental disease and an orthodontist primarily looks after the growth and development. An orthodontist is a trained dentist so can recognise any issues however we recommend you keep your regular dental checks.

I have completed my orthodontic treatment - how often should I see the orthodontist for checks ?

Putting all that hard work into getting that nice smile shouldn’t finish there. We recommend an annual check to see the orthodontist to make sure that the teeth are retained in the correct position. It is also important to have regular health checks with your dentist or kids dentist.

Are there payment plans available for Orthodontics ?

We offer interest free payment plans for all orthodontic treatment. This is offered in house and is simple and easy to use.

How long does invisalign or braces take ?

The simple answer is: “It depends.” It can take as little as six months for patients to see results from Invisalign aligners in simpler cases. In general, Invisalign treatments are usually completed within 12 to 18 months. For your initial consultation we can give you an indication on timing. Usually timing is proportional to complexity.

What do I do if my bracket is loose ?

A loose bracket can happen ! Firstly do not panic – we will try and see you as soon as possible to re-glue the bracket. We also have an emergency clinic at The Tooth Company that will sometimes remove the bracket so that your orthodontist or orthodontic auxiliary can re-glue once they have the time available.

How do I clean my aligner ?

We will give you instructions on how to clean and maintain your aligners.

Remove your aligners when you brush and floss your teeth.

My aligner is not fitting well

Advise us straight away if your aligner is not fitting correctly. Sometimes this is due to you requiring the next aligner in the series or potentially if you have not worn your aligners correctly your teeth may have shifted slightly. We will have a look and make any necessary adjustments.

Is it normal to have gaps between teeth ?

Having gaps between your teeth or ‘spacing’ is common. Only 1 in 4 of us have our teeth come through in the correct position. Spacing is often due to the jaws being larger than the teeth. So in little kids spacing is a good sign because when the adult teeth come through there is then enough space for them to come in without becoming ‘crowded’. Again any concerns just book in a consultation to get that peace of mind.

My child's teeth have come through and are crooked

It can be alarming having teeth coming in from all angles but it is very common. The best advice is to have your kids teeth checked by an Orthodontist to give you peace of mind that everything is growing as it should. Picking up small issues early on can sometimes eliminate the need for expensive treatment further down the line.

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