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Sports Mouthguards

Finding it difficult to find a sports mouthguard that provides adequate protection and fits comfortably? We provide high-quality, custom sports mouthguards that are suitable for all types of sports.

There is no doubt that wearing a mouthguard during sports is extremely beneficial. By wearing a mouth guard, you or your teen can prevent tooth fractures, bruising, dislocations, neurological injuries, and lacerations of soft tissues. They also give athletes a psychological boost: they can play with confidence, without worrying about mouth injuries!

Why a custom-made sports mouthguard?

There’s something uncomfortable and unfitting about non-custom sports mouthguards. This can even prevent teens from wearing mouthguards when they play sports, putting their teeth and mouth in danger.

Mouthguards that are custom-made fit the exact contours of each person’s mouth, providing optimal protection and reducing damage to the teeth, soft tissues, bones, and jaw joints. Store-bought options are not nearly as comfortable and do not allow normal breathing and speaking.

How are sports mouthguards made?

No messy molds are needed with our advanced dental technology that scans the teeth and gums quickly and accurately. To develop a custom sports mouthguard, we use the iTero® digital scanner, which creates detailed, high-tech 3D images in less than 5 minutes. The turnaround time for a sports mouthguard is usually 2 weeks.

How much do custom-made sports mouthguards cost?

The cost of a triple layer custom-made sports mouthguard is $385 and different colours can be chosen.

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