All the team at Tooth Co Orthodontics wish you a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.

Smales Farm Ortho and Eastridge Ortho are closed for the Xmas break from the 21st December and our normal hours resume on the 9th of January. You can still book appointments online for new patients in 2023. In the unlikely event that you have an orthodontic emergency during the Xmas period our dental clinics at Smales Farm and Eastridge are open 9am – 4pm. If you need to book an appointment you can call Smales Farm on 094109971 or Eastridge on 095212021. Have a safe holiday and see you next year.

Pretty good at what we do.

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Pretty good at what we do.

Our Mission.

We started out on a mission to make dentistry great again (well its never been that great), did pretty well with that, and then we thought, let’s have a crack at making Orthodontics great.  First problem was that most people had no idea what orthodontics actually is. Well its basically making sure that your teeth and jaws end up in the place they are supposed to be. Sounds pretty simple – but yeah….its not. The first thing you need is a specialist Orthodontist. It is one of the worlds most challenging university programmes and there are only a handful in Auckland. Then you need a great team – great location and then throw in the Tooth Co touch and you have made a difficult thing straight forward. We are at the forefront of all the tech, bells and whistles and all – you can say goodbye to the old days of big chunky uncomfortable traintracks, and say hello to The Tooth Company Orthodontics.


Our Vision.

We like to be a little ambitious at The Tooth Company and The Tooth Company Orthodontics is no different. From humble beginnings we loved seeing all our existing patients spread the word to grow the practice. We are now pleased to bring our signature service across Auckland. Getting teeth straight is one part of what we do – the other part is developing friendships with our patients. Making places that patients know and trust as we lead in the field of Orthodontics.

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