All the team at Tooth Co Orthodontics wish you a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.

Smales Farm Ortho and Eastridge Ortho are closed for the Xmas break from the 21st December and our normal hours resume on the 9th of January. You can still book appointments online for new patients in 2023. In the unlikely event that you have an orthodontic emergency during the Xmas period our dental clinics at Smales Farm and Eastridge are open 9am – 4pm. If you need to book an appointment you can call Smales Farm on 094109971 or Eastridge on 095212021. Have a safe holiday and see you next year.

Elyzia Arreola

Elyzia graduated from The University of Otago as a registered Oral Health Therapist in 2018, with experience working in both public and private health sectors in Auckland. At The Tooth Company, Elyzia aims to provide quality oral hygiene treatments including teeth whitening, liaises with our Paediatric Dental Specialist to provide routine… Read More

Katrina Jung

AllOral Health TherapistOrthodontics AuxiliarySmales Farm • 17 November 2022

Hi, My name is Katrina, I am an Oral Health Therapist who is dual trained in Dental Therapy and Dental Hygiene. I graduated from Auckland University of Technology in 2018, and have worked as a full time dental therapist at the Waikato District Health Board looking after children and adolescents… Read More

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